During 2008 I completed ‘Project 366‘ (taking a picture every day) which meant that I carried a camera with me all the time. London, and in particular my walk to work through the city, increasingly become my photographic target. Doing this project meant committing to taking a photograph every single day. Being forced to take the camera out and come up with a wealth of ideas really challenged me to look for new shots of the same subjects and to look for the unusual. I now look at my own city in a whole new and positive way.


In 2011 I had another go at ‘One photo a day’. See the photos on Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Photography

  1. After hearing about your ‘photo a day for a year’ project, I decided to embark on one for 2012. My husband bought me a small camera that I can keep in my handbag or pocket and although my photos are definately not works of art but just records of this year, I am enjoying the project immensely.
    I found your tips very helpful and certainly agree with you that this encourages you to learn more about your camera; I have used many settings that I wouldn’t have previously bothered with.
    As it is only February, I have not run out of inspiration yet. My only worry, as I’m an old girl, is forgetting a day!
    Kind regards, Susan. (Valerie & Stephen’s neighbour)

    PS. Have you tried Paddy & Scott’s coffee? I love it. Their web site is interesting if you have time to look at it.

    1. Hi Susan

      Glad to hear that your embarking on this great project. Do you post your photos anywhere (such as flickr)?

      Good luck and hope you make it to the end.


  2. Hi Jason
    Thought you might like to know that my ‘a photo a day for a year’ project has, to date, gone very well and I am still enjoying what has now become an absorbing hobby. I think the success is mainly due to my small but excellent Olympus camera, which is easily transported in my handbag or pocket.
    My only regret is the fact that I didn’t get to know my camera properly before I started the project. Looking at my early pictures, I can now see that I didn’t have the camera set up correctly but it is interesting to see the improvement as the year has progressed. To begin with it was just a pictorial diary but gradually I’ve become more interested in trying to take a good photograph for each day.
    My interest has been boosted by the fact that I’ve had photographs published in two local papers. I also entered a competition while visiting a local food festival and won two free passes for next years festival and my photos will be used on their Facebook page and their 2013 brochure.
    I’ve had so much fun with my photography during the year and have done things and gone places that I normally wouldn’t have bothered with just to get a good picture for the day. My husband is now getting used to being dragged off somewhere solely for this purpose! One unforgettable experience was on Summer Solstice when we got up at 4am to get a picture of the sun rising over the sea – an amazing sight. Then there was the morning when I could be seen charging along the riverbank in Norwich at 9.30am to get a picture of the wherry ‘Albion’ arriving at the city. I climbed to the top of Southwold Lighthouse and to the belfry of our local church to get interesting pictures – and I’m not at all good at heights! Nobody is safe from my camera – the man delivering fish, the lady at the café, the trainer at the gym, gardeners, tradesmen, neighbours, all put up with me with good humour. One day, while visiting my local Londis I discovered a photographer taking pictures for a trade magazine and asked her if she minded me taking a picture of her taking a picture. She happily agreed to this but asked a favour of me in turn. We had to pose for her photographs around the shop, pretending to look at magazines and use the ATM etc – a fun morning.
    I haven’t posted my pictures on line; I’m being very old fashioned and I print them each day to put in an album (I’ve needed two albums). I write a bit about each one beside the photo and I hope that perhaps my great grand children, if I have any, will enjoy and perhaps have a giggle over them in the future.
    So, a big thank you Jason for inspiring me and hopefully, I will be able to report back at the end of the year that I’ve completed my project. I don’t intend to finish then though as there will be enough room in my album for ‘a photograph for every month’ for 2013 and 2014.
    Kind regards

  3. Well, I did it! I can’t believe that my project has come to an end; the year flew by much too quickly. It was really fun and I now have a new hobby. There was not one day during the year when I couldn’t think what to photo, a walk around the garden always gave me ideas if I wasn’t going anywhere. Shadows on the fence, insects, birds (I had a bit of success with digi scoping), as well as plants, flowers, seedheads were all out there waiting to be snapped.
    I feel rather bereft without my daily photo to think about but I’ve joined iwitness24, which is run by local newspapers. It’s a good website with the opportunity to see other photographer’s work. We have a weekly topic and are able to vote for the best photo and comment on the other pictures. The photos from iwitness are often chosen to appear in various papers and one of mine was the ‘Photograph of the Day’ in a paper last month.
    So, once again thank you for the inspiration Jason and Happy 40th Birthday!

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