Annual Report 2018

Another year, more stats.

TV and movies
I watched 91 TV shows, series or specials. This took up 487 hours of watching or an average of 9.38 hours a week or 1 hour 17 minutes a day.

In addition to that I watched 113 movies at home (or on a plane) but only 11 films at the cinema.

I did a little better this year and finished 14 books (I started 16). A very pleasant highlight was reading Anthony Horrowitz’s ‘House of Silk’ which I felt was a really good Sherlock Holmes homage. Dan Jones’ ‘Templars’ was easily my favourite history book this year.

Despite a number of injuries (broken foot and knee ligament) I actually managed a fair amount of activity.

  • Running – 610 mins (10.1 hours)
  • Swimming – 120 mins (2 hours)
  • Project Awesome (Circuit training) – 2463 (41.05 hours)
  • Gym – 190 mins (3.1 hours)
  • Cycling – none
  • Total – 3383 (56.3 hours)

Campouts and camping
I scaled back my campouts this year with only 12 bivvy outs and 5 days in a tent. This is something that i’d like to get back to doing more of in 2019.

Board games
This hobby has continued to take off and apart from TV is my main sedentary hobby. I organise a work club, a friends club and I go to a meet-up group and play at least once a week.

  • Different games played – 79
  • Games new to 2018  – 64
  • Number of plays – 192
  • Most played games – Pandemic Legacy S1, Codenames, Carcassone, Flamme Rouge and Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
  • Best experiences: Pandemic legacy (still not completed) and Dead of Winter


  • Museums and art galleries – 11 visits
  • Theatre – 2 plays (‘Small Worlds’ by Punch Drunk and ‘Austentatious’)

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