Microadventure: Home Campout

It is interesting that in both Alastair Humphrey’s Microadventure ideas and my own original list that bivvying in the garden was at the top of the list. It is surprising then that it has taken me nearly a year before I actually did it.

My daughters and I had conducted and afternoon raid on one of my favourite shops – Decathlon – fitting them both out with new sleeping bags and other goodies. This had the brilliant effect of inspiring my eldest (8 year old) to insist on sleeping out in the garden. It’s possible she was just testing, but I called her (possible) bluff and said ‘sure we can’.


So there we were, on a balmy late May evening in our sleeping and bivvy bags on our (new) garden decking gazing up at pink clouds and Swallows (or maybe Swifts?) swooping for insects. I was pretty tired so the prospect of reading my daughter an extra long story and then having an early night was actually quite appealing.

Despite being surrounded by flats and houses our neighbourhood was fairly quiet for a Saturday night and it was mostly the chirp of birds and hum of insects that accompanied us to sleep. I was woken at 0330 by Rose telling me she was cold. I did worry that she would insist on going inside the house but after ensuring she was properly snuggled in her sleeping bag, she went back to sleep till morning.

Home microadventure

All in all a brilliant night and i’m counting it as number 7 in my #16in16 campouts this year. It is a fantastic thing to share this with my daughter and I can’t wait till next week when I can take both my kids out in the wild for a campout!


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