Microadventure: Oxshott Woods Awesome Campout

Following the Awesome January Campout I was a bit giddy with excitement and full of ideas of things I wanted do on a microadventure. One that came to mind was to add some kind of atmospheric performance into the evening. Being out in a little patch of ‘wild’, in the dark and properly outdoors, not even with a bit of tent canvas for protection makes for a good bit of edge. What if you could add to it?

Oxshott Woods Awesome Campout

I’ve been aware of Vanessa Woolf and her work as a storyteller for some time. She has a great repertoire of stories tailored for certain settings, many in London’s urban and derelict areas but others in places i’d take a campout. Could this be a good combo? I felt sure that it could.

Oxshott Woods Awesome Campout

I did a recce of Oxshott Woods last week and found it both a brilliant bit of ‘secret wild’ in suburbia and a great place for a large group of microadventurers.

I took a small group from Waterloo and met up with the rest at Oxshott station before heading up into the woods. In 10 minutes we were at a nice little camp area with some logs to sit on and by 9pm we were ready for the show to start.

Oxshott Woods Awesome Campout

Oxshott Woods Awesome Campout

We were treated to a couple of songs from George, one of which was about ‘Spring Heeled Jack’, one of my favourite London folklore characters. Vanessa gave us three stories, one suitably based around a woodland (which was great). The other two were actually quite scary, particularly given that we were about to sleep out in a wood over night. At least we all had each others company! It was everything I had hoped for.

Oxshott Woods Awesome Campout

I slept in my hammock again, cementing my love for this type of camping. I had, however, allowed a lot more ‘give’ in the tension this time and definitely found it less comfortable. I think I quite like a flat hammock bed. We were all treated to a star filled night with a half moon.

Contrary to my normal sleep-out habits I ‘slept-in’ till just after 7am. This meant that packing, breakfast and coffee were a bit rushed. On the coffee front, i’d brought a (borrowed) hand coffee grinder and was able to make myself a lovely aeropress. I really must get one of these for myself, very handy.

Oxshott Woods Awesome Campout

Oxshott Woods Awesome Campout

All in all my 6th #microadventure of the year was really lovely and i’m looking forward to more soon! Still nicely on track for #16in16.


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