Microadventure: Oxshott Woods Recce

I was a bit busy in April which meant I didn’t manage any #microadventures. I did squeeze in a trip to Iceland so no tears though.

I have a big group of ‘Awesome Campers’ to take out next week plus I was mad keen to try out my recently purchased hammock. All that plus some gorgeous weather made heading to the woods a no-brainer.

Oxshott Woods Recce

As planned I got to Oxshott at just after 8pm and headed into the wood to have a scout around while I still had a bit of light. Even though the weather was perfect I only saw one small group of people, amazing really.

Oxshott Woods Recce

Oxshott Woods Recce

Once I’d had a pleasant look around the wood it was time to find a spot for myself to settle down in. This is the time when I find that I get all nervous. I really want to find somewhere out of the way and ideally hidden from view. It is not helped by wanting to tie a hammock between two trees rather than hole up behind a shrub out of the way. I eventually found somewhere in the middle of the wood and as much out of the way as I could find.

Oxshott Woods Recce

Slinging the hammock really does take just a minute , something I find quite amazing. I then broke out a mini bottle of wine and a travel pillow and, well, lay back and just relaxed as the last rays of the sun filtered through the trees. Hammocks feel quite decadent, especially if booze is present.

After it was dark I got my mummy style sleeping bag set up and I was all snug very quickly. What I didn’t do, however, as it was fairly warm was to put an insulated mat underneath. I regretted this later in the evening as I did get a bit cold.

Oxshott Woods Recce

I woke up in the morning to a some lovely dawn light through the trees. I was tempted just to lounge about for a while, partly because it was just so comfy but also because I had ages till the morning train left. I was also slightly anxious not to be surprised by an enthusiastic dog walker so got up and enjoyed the awesome morning light.

Oxshott Woods Recce

I packed up and then went for a bit of a wander around the wood and being a Sunday I didn’t see anyone, even dog walkers till well after 7am. I had plenty of time to hang out in the sunshine as the first train wasn’t until 0813.

This was a fantastic introduction to hammocking and it was great to get my 5th #microadventure of the year. #16in16 campouts is still on the cards.

Oxshott Woods Recce

View all the photos on Flickr.


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