Iceland Road Trip 2016 – Part 2

(Iceland Road Trip 2016 – Part 1)

Even by Icelandic standards (pretty damn high), our Airbnb house was just plain amazing. I woke up fairly early, around 6am, to discover a light dusting of snow outside. Like a ten year old boy I chucked my coat and shoes on (and camera of course!) and ran outside practically giggling to myself in excitement.



I walked down to the cliffs, the freezing wind in my face, in awe at my surroundings. It was just brilliant! After about half an hour the urgent need for coffee and warmth drove me back to the house. A bit later, after Gil and Nicola has gotten up and we’d all had some breakfast, it was time for some proper exploration. We decided to try the short walk down the coast to Hellnar.



A superb 5km round-trip along the rugged shoreline gave us a good appetite for lunch. In the afternoon we fancied a drive and explore of the Snaefellsjokull national park. It was a bit snowy and the landscape looked suitably wintry.



Only certain sections of the park were icy, others seemed almost completely clear and the weather varied from snow to hail to sleet to bright sunshine. This is Iceland.



We drove all the way round the coast to Grundarfjörður with the intention of scoping out somewhere to stay the next day. When we saw that the town looked out on Kirkjufell (one of the prettiest hills in the world) we knew we’d found a great spot.


Just how was the next day going to get any better?

All the photos from the trip on Flickr.

Read Part 3.


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