Microadventure: Hassocks, South Downs

After my own campout plans fell through last week I thought I’d enjoy tagging along on someone else’s trip and be a follower. My dreams of being just a ‘follower’, however, were dashed when the ‘leader’ Andy had to pull out due to a horrendous cold and chest infection.

Hassocks Microadventure

Andy had sorted a great location on the South Downs about an hours walk from Hassocks and all I had to do was find it in the dark. No problem. Well, a couple of tiny wrong turns, but we got there without too many dramas. It does add a little bit of ‘adventure’ when you have to navigate in the dark to place you’ve never been to before. The camping spot, however, was perfect – a little clearing, mostly flat with lovely soft grass.

I can’t tell you how much it fills my heart with joy to be out in the wild (kind of) on a really cold night, enjoying the outdoors with such lovely positive people. I don’t remember anyone being anything less than totally fun. The snacks came out and were passed round and beer, wine and gin and tonic was drunk. It seemed pretty amusing that the gin and tonics were labelled ‘ready to drink’. The beer was not labelled thus (is it not ‘ready’?).

Sadly it was overcast so no actual stars to gaze adoringly at but there was no rain or any meaningful wind so I think we can call it a ‘win’ on the weather front.

Hassocks Microadventure

I slept like a baby, by which I mean that I woke up every 90 minutes and maybe not even that long. I was never ‘freezing’ cold but neither was I ever really toasty warm either. Also one or more of my lovely companions were snoring. I was actually quite glad that someone got some quality shut-eye.

Hassocks Microadventure

Despite the lack of sleep I woke pretty damn happy in the morning, piled on what layers I had and brewed up some water so that we could all get a hot drink inside us before heading back.

Hassocks Microadventure

What a fabulous outing, some new campout friends made (some who were out for the first time), a new campout spot discovered and a superb start to my weekend. I can’t wait till the next one!

That was No. 3 in my #16in16 awesome campouts of the year.

All photos from the trip.

Hassocks Microadventure

Hassocks Microadventure

2 thoughts on “Microadventure: Hassocks, South Downs

  1. Loving the blog, and the microadventures. Determined make it along either on a night when I don’t have my boys, or on the #familymicroadventure later in the year.

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