Microadventure – Coombe Hill, Wendover

It started with wanting to continue doing a camp out every month. After going on my own last time I thought I’d chance my arm and see if there were any other fools who wanted to sleep out (without even a tent) in a December Christmas camp out.

Going Christmas camping tonight!

A few mentions in the Project Awesome and Yes Tribe facebook groups and I somehow got 20 people signing up. I was still a tiny bit skeptical as to how many would actually come but totally delighted that we numbered 16 on the night.

The train zoomed us from London out to Wendover in the chilterns and I had a gang of lovely awesomeites ready to go. This was when I realised that I’d left the actual map at home. No problem as a couple of people had been there before. Only they couldn’t remember the way. Bugger.

A quick look at google maps, a bit of guesswork and probably a dollop of luck meant that in 30 odd (very muddy) minutes we were standing on a very windy Coombe Hill. We then had the fun task of finding a good camping spot for 16 people where we could set up some shelter.

Coombe hill microadventure

Using a handy tree with a long hanging branch we muddled together some tarpaulins to make a group shelter. Sorted.

Coombe hill camp out

We then sat around on this not-too cold a night, pooling an amazing spread of sugary food and booze. I’m still smiling at the effort everyone made to make it a brilliant night. We chatted, we laughed, there might even have been an effort at a carol. What a superb bunch of people! If you want to get a bit muddy and sit around on a very windy night with a bunch of friends and soon-to-be-friends I can recommend these people!

I won’t lie, it was a very very windy night and the expected rain arrived around 3.20am. The main thing that kept me awake was the loud flapping of my own tarp! I did do some sleeping though. We woke up to a grey morning but the view was still pretty good.

Coombe hill microadventure

I got talking to a photographer at the memorial who said that he was there the night before and saw a herd of cows trundling past. Thank goodness they didn’t come through our camp!

Camp out fun, the morning after

Chequers in the background

After packing up we had a warming brew of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and even sausage and bacon butties. Obviously we continued with the left overs from the night before too! Afterwards we walked back to Wendover and whizzed back to London. Job done.

Coombe hill Microadventure

Coombe hill Microadventure

We even stumbled on this bit of ‘Knit Bombing’ on the way back.

What a wonderful night out made special by such fantastic people! Can’t wait till the next one!


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