Post Marathon Plans

The Loch Ness Marathon was just a week ago, but I’ve not given myself almost any respite before launching into the next plans and activities.

What I have done, in the space of just a few days is almost forget how tough and painful it was. I know that it WAS really hard, but praps I can just DO those hard things now?

As you might expect though, I was very sore and walked like John Wayne on Monday and Tuesday following my 42km scenic outing. By Saturday though, i’d had enough of resting and I was champing at the bit to get back to some ‘proper’ exercise (in the form of a bit of BMF).

Monday though I decided to go for something a bit different. The alarm went off at 0520 so that I could be at the Globe Theatre on the South Bank for a session with the ‘Project Awesome‘ crew. ‘Captained’ by adventurer Anna McNuff and including Danny Bent (famous recently for being one tough hombre on ‘Special Forces – Ultimate Hell week’).

I was expecting a hard circuit-based exercise class, I was less expecting all of the hugs (although they were lovely). What a superb group of people with, as you might expect, a positive and awesome attitude. Highly recommend them! Just think of the smug points when you get into work.

Future plans
Next on the ‘adventure agenda’ is a Kayaking beginners course. I signed up for this a while ago without a lot of thought of what I’m going to do afterwards but thought I’d ‘suck it and see’. In my head are dreams of sea kayaking tours or a journey from Bristol to London on canal and river (i’m assuming this is possible?). Given that I’ve just come back from Inverness, the Caledonian canal would be a super canoe trip.


I have a camping trip to the Brecons lined up in a few weeks which should be fab. Crossing my fingers for the weather there!

I also intend to keep up the #microadventures going throughout the winter. I have slept out (in a bivvy) at least once per month since July and I have a semi-ambition to keep this rate up till at least next summer. I have a thought about building my own shelter praps?

All in all it looks as if I have an exciting couple of months ahead of me with loads more promise for next year. BRING IT ON!



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