Loch Ness Marathon – Part 2

It is now less than two months away from the marathon and only three weeks from my maximum training run (in terms of distance). I am just about on target but I do feel a bit like i’ve squandered a lead.

It has been lovely to go away on holiday but it has undoubtedly put a strain on my training routine. I’ve been able to hit my major distance goals but at the cost of my ‘speed’ BMF sessions. A big test will be finding a 30-32km route on our holiday in France. Hopefully nothing to worry about but it has all made me a tiny bit nervous.

The other issue is that i’m now hitting some big distances (22km yesterday) and while podcasts help I find them a bit lonely on my own (everyone say ahhh). I am going to see if I can recruit some running buddies if I can. I imagine this is where a running club would come in handy?

Onwards and upwards.

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