Microadventure – Blue Moon Bivvy at Seaton, Devon

Already fired up by the idea of doing a ‘Microadventure’, we were on a family holiday in Devon, there was a (rare) Blue Moon and the weather was clear and balmy. How could I not take the plunge and do my first official #microadventre?

As mentioned in my previous blog post on ‘Microadventure ideas‘, my 7 year old daughter had expressed an interest in ‘sleeping under the stars’ so I decided to call her bluff and bring her with me. It certainly felt super special to share this first time experience.

Manor Farm Campsite

The day before I had gone for a jog and scouted the area on the cliffs over Seaton, towards Lyme Regis, that had been the view from our campsite. I’m glad that i did this as it meant that we could up there and get to a suitable spot without too much faffing about.


We walked though Axe Cliff golf course and then through some wheat fields before finding a patch of long grass with views over the sea. I was keen on the long grass as there was a combine harvester at work and I didn’t want to get turfed off the farmers land.

Wild Camping above Seaton

Sunset above Seaton

The great thing about bivvying is that you are set-up in minutes. Sleeping mat, sleeping bag and bivvy bag and you are ready. All set and looking out on a glorious sundown, we had some fortifying popcorn. Everything seemed pretty perfect apart from the noisy combine harvester that carried on till it was properly night time.

Blue moon bivvy at Seaton, Devon.

Having now slept under a full moon I can really see what the fuss is all about as I thought it was magical. The moonlight was incredibly bright, especially with the gorgeous reflection on the sea so it felt like sleeping with the light on. My daughter was excited and nervous and despite claiming she would never sleep, dropped off as soon as night fell. This did mean that she missed the shooting star that I spotted while I gazed at the sky. I found myself resenting my tiredness and desire to sleep as it would take me away from stargazing, something that seems odd now that I am typing this up at home. Insomnia might be worth it if I had views like this.

Rose and I wild camping

I missed the first glimmers of dawn but enjoyed seeing the world lighten up with the golden glow. I wanted to get off the clifftop before too many people were about so I woke up my daughter, packed up our things and headed back.

I found the whole experience wonderful but I think my daughter has only seen it as quite cool now that there is some distance of time. I’d love for her to join me again. I know I’m thirsty for more!

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