Loch Ness Marathon – Part 1

Sometime in the autumn of 2014 while out drinking with friends someone, probably me, suggested that we all pledge to sign up to the Loch Ness Marathon in September 2015. Four idiots put their hands together ‘Musketeer style’ promising to sign up and two of them actually did register.

With the BMF training three days a week I didn’t feel that I needed to panic too early in the training front. In fact I didn’t think about it at all until June 2015.

The Goal
I ran my last marathon (in 2009) in 4:12:40, a time I was both happy with and yet disappointed by. I had done what I felt was the minimum training and I was sure that I had a sub 4 hour marathon in me. So, I’m going to run this marathon in under 4 hours or else.

The Training Plan
In 2009 I used the loose idea of two short 5km runs and one long run a week. The long run obviously getting longer. Even on my longest run I never did more than 18 miles (28km) in one go. In retrospect it feels that with a bit more training the time should go down.

One advantage that I enjoy this time is the base fitness that I get from my BMF. Three of these sessions a week have given me some extra speed and a good core. They tend to have 4-5km of running in them too so not too much slacking on the stamina front either.

The plan (at this point) is to continue with two BMF sessions a week but replace one with a long run, probably at the weekend. It would be nice to throw in the odd swim or cycle for a bit of variety if I can manage it. I have followed this pattern (minus the swimming/cycling) over the last month but worryingly I’ve not been able to move beyond 15km in one go.

There is nothing to panic about things yet but I need to start moving beyond this from now on.

Here goes.