Wildman 2014 – 15km trail run

I did the 10km Wildman, run by ‘Human Race’, last year so I had a vague idea of the first two thirds of the course with the final 5km set to be a bit of a mystery.

I was also starting with my friend Matt R, who I knew to be pretty quick. Having said that, I’ve been training hard recently and for once wasn’t really fearing the numerous climbs that I knew we would have. Still, my money at the start was on matt.


With all the recent rain the course was muddy but not exeptionally so and most really glutinous bits could be avoided. In addition to this I was wearing my trail running shoes and I felt it made a big difference to my speed, especially on the downhills where I could go fast in safety.

It is good to note that the ‘million’ squats and sprints that I do in my normal training pay off when assaulting the numerous stiff climbs. I wanted to start steady and then maybe ‘go for it’ later on, but I found that even my regular pace meant that I started to get ahead of Matt after the first few kilometres. I didn’t read much into this at the time, knowing that he too was saving energy for the end and he could well catch me up..

The end of the 10km brings you back to the start point and at this stage I was feeling pretty good. It turned out to be extrememly wise to keep something in the tank for the last 5km as suddenly the climbs became extremely steep and the paths a lot less defined. It also included a fine water feature to plunge through for dramatic effect!

jason webber
Fun in puddles

I really felt that Matt was likely to charge past me at any point which in turn really helped me keep my pace up right to the end. It was with great relief that the finish line finally came and in what now seems a pretty good time of 1:22:36. The winner only managed 1:04, which seems almost close!

Matt came in 6 mins later but it looks like we are still friends! A fun race, hopefully something that will be in my annual calendar.



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