Green, Red and Blue – a mega-day of fitness

I know where I got the vague idea for this, it was a year or so ago when I heard that someone had done back to back green bib BMF sessions. Two hours of incrediblely tough high intensity training. At the time, although it sounded impossible, I said to myself ‘one day, that’ll be me’.

So as I’ve recently mentioned, I’ve been coming up for my two year anniversary of joining BMF and wanted to do something a little crazy. I’ve been feeling pretty fit recently but it has been a very long while since I’ve done an activity where I thought there was a possibility of not finishing. So how about three BMF sessions in a day?

To make it stretching but doable I’d do the sessions in descending difficulty: green bib (scarily tough), red bib (my usual level) and blue (easy/beginner).

I felt unusually nervous at my first session at 7am. It was the day of reckoning. This wasn’t helped when I told the BMF park manager what I was planning and he said ‘oh, I wouldn’t recommend that’. As a royal marine I was hoping he’d be a bit more enthusiastic! It also now seemed a bit foolhardy to do a green glass for the first time ever. What had I let myself in for? Well unsurprisingly (duh?) I was pretty ‘smashed’ after the class. I hadn’t managed to keep up on the runs with the ‘real’ greens but i did do all of the extra reps that were called for. Normally this class would be more than enough! At least I had most of the day to recover.

jason webber – green bib

Walking up to Hyde Park for the 1800 class, I was still feeling a bit jelly legged and very worried that I wouldn’t manage it. The red bib class was as tough as usual but for once I was happy to hang at the back and take it as easy as I felt I could get away with. About three quarters of the way through I knew I’d be fine. Exhausted, wobbly legged, but fine. Blimey, I was actually going to do this. Between classes I piled on the warm gear and had a snickers and a pint of milk to keep my strength up.

jason webber - red bib
jason webber – red bib

Ok, only a blue-bib class to go which in the end turned out to seem actually quite easy. I was generally at the front on the runs but this only caused the others to hate me when the instructor said ‘why is this guy beating you, it is his third class today!’. I certainly must have come across as a bit of a nutter? My main enemy turned out to be cramp and my calves in particular were really pinging, but with the odd little stretch I got through it.

jason webber - blue bib
jason webber – blue bib

So I did in fact complete this really quite mad enterprise of three BMF sessions in a day. It feels like quite an accomplishment, in part because I think there was a real chance I might not do it. I did (and still have) actual difficulty explaining why I wanted to do it and even to BMF regulars there was quite a bit of bewilderment. The truth is that I wanted to really test myself and this seemed to have the right balance of challenge.

The question now is: What crazy thing can I do next year?