One year of mud and press ups

One year ago I was feeling that I had lost my mojo for fitness and was almost ready to concede that that was how things would be. The towel was in my hand and about to be thrown in. I made half hearted attempts at the occasional run and did (and still do) about an hours walk every day to work. I needed a shake up.

Today, a year on, I’m feeling really good, have toned up a little, lost a bit of love handle and am still raring to go. Where has this change come from? From the slightly scary sounding ‘British Military Fitness’ (or BMF) that is where. For me the military bit is the only thing that made me doubt going for it as I wasn’t really after a super macho shouting thing, which is what I presumed I’d get. To be fair, what you do get is fantastic motivation and encouragement to push yourself just that bit further than you thought and this is great.

Over the last 12 months then, I’ve found myself running round parks, doing all sorts if seemingly strange exercises, challenging myself but having a huge amount of fun doing it. I find it quite difficult to articulate to people who haven’t been exactly why I actively enjoy doing press ups in the mud or holding a plank for several minutes on a cold, dark winters evening. A lot of folk that I tell this to are, not unreasonably, horrified at the prospect. If only I could get them to try?

BMF is not free, however, and at £50 a month is about the same as most gym memberships. This does entitle you unlimited sessions at the 20 or so parks in London and the dozens more around the country and if you so desired, and had the energy for, you could go several times a day, all week. For me, this is a great deal and the fact that you do all this outdoors is a huge bonus. I don’t hate gyms, but I would rather be outside.

I am now exercising three times a week, two BMFs and a 25 min jog but feel that I could do more if I had time. I’d especially love to add a swim in somewhere but praps I shouldn’t be greedy?

In a year my personal fitness has come a long way but at the moment I feel that I’m still some way from my peak and as a 40 year old that sounds good. I’m certainly the fittest I’ve been in many years and long may it continue!


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