Must See Films

A colleague at work casually asked me if I had a list of films that were ‘must see’ or ‘required watching’ so I thought I’d have a go. In doing this task I decided to impose a few rules and definitions.

Firstly, this is a list of ‘must see’ films not just good films so there has to be something special about them. They have to be genre defining or have a particularly definitive performance or scene. The film also had to have been out for at least five years. Some films seem great at the time but don’t age well or become irrelevant. A ‘must see’ film must be classic and be able to stand the test of time.

This list is made up of MY ‘must see’ films and is formed from movies that I’ve actually seen and is biased towards my own tastes. I’m sure there are still quite a few films on other people’s lists that I’ve simply not watched. I’m also not a huge fan of genre’s such as horror which means many potential classics might not be represented. Please feel free to comment if you think I’ve made any errors or omissions?

Here we go (and in no particular order):

  1. It Happened One Night
  2. It’s a Wonderful Life
  3. Back to the Future
  4. Ghostbusters
  5. The Terminator / Terminator 2
  6. 12 Angry Men
  7. Life of Brian
  8. Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back
  9. Silent Running
  10. Jaws
  11. Nashville
  12. Short cuts
  13. Glen Gary Glen Ross
  14. Saturday Night Fever
  15. Ferris Buellers Day Off
  16. The Great Escape
  17. Dr Strangelove
  18. Casablanca
  19. The Shining
  20. Barry Lyndon
  21. The Searchers
  22. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  23. The Breakfast Club
  24. Blues Brothers
  25. Resovoir Dogs
  26. Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves
  27. Godfather, parts 1 and 2
  28. Flash Gordon
  29. Goldfinger
  30. Fight Club
  31. Die Hard
  32. Platoon
  33. Taxi Driver
  34. Raging Bull
  35. L.A. Confidential
  36. Highlander
  37. Top Gun
  38. Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
  39. The Matrix
  40. Four weddings and a Funeral
  41. Planet of the Apes
  42. The Usual Suspects
  43. Alien + Aliens
  44. Blue Velvet
  45. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  46. True Romance
  47. Singin’ in the Rain
  48. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  49. Blade Runner
  50. Apocalypse Now
  51. Withnail and I
  52. Momento
  53. Dark Knight
  54. Superman
  55. There’s Something about Mary
  56. Airplane
  57. The Apartment
  58. Midnight Run
  59. Some like it Hot
  60. Kes
  61. The Hill
  62. North by Northwest
  63. Rear window
  64. Psycho
  65. Deep Cover
  66. A Touch of Evil
  67. Citizen Kane
  68. Blazing Saddles
  69. Shawshank Redemption
  70. Goodfellas
  71. Toy story
  72. Silence of the Lambs
  73. Saving Private Ryan
  74. The Italian Job
  75. Jurassic Park
  76. The Princess Bride
  77. The Third Man
  78. Brief encounter
  79. Lawrence of Arabia
  80. Bridge over the river Kwai
  81. Wizard of Oz
  82. This is Spinal Tap
  83. Annie Hall
  84. The Ladykillers
  85. Police Academy
  86. Carry on up the Khyber
  87. Enter the Dragon
  88. Gone with the Wind
  89. The Bourne Identity
  90. Toy Story
  91. Snow White
  92. The Exorcist
  93. The Big Sleep
  94. Schindlers List
  95. Ben-Hur
  96. Easy Rider
  97. Alfie (Michael Caine version)
  98. Swingers
  99. Dirty Dancing
  100. American Werewolf in London
  101. Groundhog Day
  102. Point Break
  103. Cool Hand Luke
  104. Before Sunrise
  105. Clerks
  106. Chariots of Fire
  107. Pump up the Volume
  108. The Great Dictator
  109. Evil Dead
  110. Night of the Living Dead
  111. 28 Days Later