Goals for 2012

I’m a little bit late with this post as I really should have written it at the turn of the year rather than a month later. My goals for 2012, however, are as follows:

Write more

First up I want to write more this year. I’ve really enjoyed writing blogs over the last three years but they got quite intermittent last year which was a shame. I’d like to use this blog to continue to document my hobbies as well as various trips and projects that I do.

I’d also like to have a go at writing a blog post every day, for January at least, and after that see how I go. Rather than an account of the whole day I think if I just keep each post to one idea or thing that has happened it should be quite manageable. I’ll also keep this blog separate so as not to confuse things.

Read more

I like reading and I like books and for a number of months I’ve actually made a point of noting down in a list the books that I want to read. I can get a bit carried away with lists and over the last few months I have accumulated over 80 books on it. Over the last few years I’ve read between 20-25 books a year so even if I don’t add any more there is already 3-4 years worth. I really enjoy reading history books and I’ve tried to get into more classics recently but I should allow myself a few more trashy page turners in between too. Ultimately though, my aim this year is to read over 25 books. Should be doable.


To give myself more time to do the first two goals I am vowing to only watch ‘quality’ television this year. Far too often I’ve found myself watching rubbish on TV and to be honest, there are other things I’d enjoy a lot more, including writing and reading. No more ‘Don’t tell the bride’ for me. On this note, I’ve got a lot of TV series box sets that are excellent and I’d like to watch but are not always popular with the Missus who, to be fair, is not a fan of violent stuff. It would be great to get through some of these if I can though and there is some crossover for us.

Ideally of an evening I’d like to watch an hour of ‘quality’ TV such as an episode of The Wire or Madmen followed by reading or writing a blog post. Then Bed.

Become a Pie Master

Over the last few years I’ve really enjoyed my bread-making but to a certain extent I’ve reached my limits at it. There are still some speciality breads that I’ve not made that I’ll have a go at from time to time but I was really after a new culinary challenge. After making a small pre-christmas request I got given a Pie book and a few pie making accouterments.  It is therefore my goal to become a bit of a ‘Pie-master’ by the end of the year. We should have a great time trying in any case.


This one has been carried over from last year when I failed to achieve it. I love magic and sleight of hand and would love to be able to do a few tricks. My aim is therefore to be able to deliver three separate magic tricks on demand by the end of the year.

Grow Wheat

I’ve been keen on bread making for some time, even regularly making my own sourdough but there is one more obsessional step to take. Growing my own wheat.

I’m not sure quite why I’m so keen to do this, as good flour is relatively easy to get hold of? Maybe it is because it is a challenge and a bit pointless that I find it an attractive idea. I’m keen to show my kids where food comes from and when I’ve mentioned it they do seem pretty keen so maybe it’s just educational?

The first challenge amongst many is getting hold of some wheat which, due to strict distribution laws, is harder to obtain than you might think. Hard to get a small amount in any case. Getting half a ton delivered would be no problem apparently. If I can get over this stumbling block we are in business.

Touch Typing

This final one may be the biggest challenge of them all. I’m sure having to look at the keyboard as I type has professionally held me back a bit. As another goal is to write more it now seems the right time to learn to touch type. There seem to be many free online courses and demo’s so I also have the few excuses.

Setting aside the time for this task will be tricky but I’m determined to crack this one if I can.


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