Surrey Docks Farm

My little girl (nearly 3) has made me sing the ‘Old MacDonald’ nursery Rhyme to her every night for about the last 3 months. I therefore thought it was time we actually went to see some of these damned animals.

Surey Quays Farm - 120/365

Slightly surprisingly, there are quite a few city farm options in London but in the end it came down to which was easiest to get to. Since the East London line was extended it has allowed easy access to parts of London I never thought to go to. One of these is the Surrey Quays area which boasts a little city farm right on the bank of the Thames.

The farm itself consists of a very nice cafe (the breakfasts particularly looked quite good), a duck/geese pond, an open courtyard containing goats, sheep and chickens and then several pens and paddocks for the cows, donkeys and pigs. After a fortifying coffee (average but only £1.50) my girl wanted to dive right into the courtyard.

Just before we went in, we saw a family enter and get out a small bag of feed (purchased from the farm) who were instantly and frighteningly mobbed by the goats and sheep. The poor little girl burst into tears and they all quickly withdraw. It was then I decided not to get any feed on this trip at least.

Surey Quays Farm

Late April seems a good time to go as we had lovely weather and there seemed to be lots of lambs and kids (as in baby goats) which were very cute and docile. Rose largely had a super time running round after the animals and gradually got up the courage to stroke a few of the animals. She was pretty nervous of the larger sheep and goats a hid behind me a few times. The longer we were there though, the better she got and was stroking everything by the end.

Surey Quays Farm

After the courtyard, my little girl was quite disappointed that we couldn’t also go in with the bigger animals such as the cows and pigs. We did have a go at feeding the cows and for my trouble, got my hand licked. From then on Rose offerred every animal we saw a bit of straw but either didn’t hold it close enough or they were simply not interested.

Had a decent lunch of scrambled eggs on toast (eggs made on the premises obviously).


Considering there is no entry fee I thought this was an excellent place to take the nipper. I still can’t quite believe we spent all morning there. The next day I got asked when we were going back to the farm which must be the best endorsement!

Surey Quays Farm