One Photo a Day project for 2011 – 1st QTR

Well here I am again doing a ‘photo a day‘ project where I’ll be trying to not miss a day until the end of the year. I was really burnt out after my first time doing this project in 2008 so I was a bit nervous about doing it again.

Yashica Minister - 003/365

This time though, I was determined to be a bit more casual about it and not beat myself up about the quality of my daily shot. I was also keen to add more of a diary element to my uploads and try and make it a reflection of what I’ve been up to. Now that I’m three months in I can say that I’m feeling good about it so far. I’ve not felt particularly pressured yet and I seem to have got my shots without too much heartache.

Projects within a project
I’ve got two particular projects on the go with ‘Project 365’ that certainly help.

The first is one called ‘52 portraits‘ which from the title you can guess involves taking 1 portrait per week. Portrait photography is something that I’d like to be better at but this mini-project has really given me the impetus to practice regularly. I’m certainly enjoying it so far and I think I’m going to have a lovely portfolio at the end of it.

Nickos - 081/365

The other mini-project is documenting my cycle to work (Sydenham to the City). There are several interesting features on my route that I’d like to gradually record if I can.

With my mini-projects taking up 2-3 photos a week it takes the pressure off the other days that I have to find something to photograph. The other nice thing is that now the clocks have gone forward there is a lot more evening light to take a picture either on my way home from work or in the early evening. This really helps. If it wasn’t for the neatness of doing a calendar year I think starting a 365 project in the summer would be a far better time to kick things off.

Anyway, going well so far but as i know from last time, the hard yards and dark days are still ahead of me.