2010 Annual Report

This is a quick round-up of some of the things that i’ve managed to record during 2010.

I took 2594 pictures in the year of which I uploaded 430 to Flickr. This is approximately half the amount that I took in 2009.

I saw 17 films at the cinema this year, 9 less than last year but this is fairly expected as I hardly went out after the birth of my second daughter on 30th Sept 2010.

Of the films that I saw, most of them were pretty good and only one (The Brothers Bloom) that i regretted seeing at all. My top three were:

1. A Prophet
2. Inception
3. Cemetery Junction

I started 21 books in 2010 with only one ‘did not finish’ and one still reading. The ‘acclaimed’ Wolf Hall was the only one I failed to finish, mainly because I found it a poorly told story. 7 of the 21 were proper history books, 1 an autobiography and the rest novels. My top 3 were:

1. The Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking by Simon Singh
2. Russia vs Napoleon by Dominic Leiven
3. Redemption Ark by Alistair reynolds

Not a stellar year for reading in many ways with only the ‘history of codes and codebraking’ being outstanding. I’ve been reading ‘War and Peace’ since June and at the turn of the year still have the last 1/4 to complete. Though a great book it is intimidatingly long and a bit of a mill stone around my neck and I’m afraid i will feel glad to finish it.

No running, no swimming and an unrecorded amount of cycling. Not a great record on this front i’m afraid. Between January and September I cycled almost every week between 1 and 3 times a week (to work and back).


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