Bread diary No. 9 – Walnut, Date and Honey bread

After a couple of weeks off making ‘special’ bread due to the birth of my newest daughter I was eager to make something homely but tasty.

I’ve had walnut bread before in restaurants, usually as an accompaniment to the cheese course but I figured that it should also make a nice breakfast bread. The other marginally significant thing about this entry is that this is the first bread that i’ve made without looking up a recipe. I feel that I now have my yeast/salt/flour/water ratio about right and have got the measure of my oven, something that can be a huge variable I think. I therefore felt pretty confident in exchanging 100g of water for honey and adding 50g each of chopped walnut and date. I used 1kg of white to 200g of rye. I love rye bread but only really when it is kept quite light and isn’t too dominating.

The bread turned out to be delicious, though slightly denser than I had hoped.

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