Bread diary no. 7 – Olive bread with pancetta

Since the last entry I’ve made some milk bread and a light rye loaf, both using bread tins. I’ve found the tins a bit tricky so far and it is a bit of an adjustment from the normal baking times.

The highlight though has been my first attempt at olive bread. I used another recipe from the ‘dough’ book for olive bread with black olives and pancetta. I pre-cooked the pancetta and finely chopped the olives but only just remembered to add them to the dough.

I made a kilo batch and divided them into 6 medium sized baguettes. The result exceeded my expectations and the bread was delicious. The crust was crusty and the crumb light and springy. In technical terms this might be my best bread so far. How much is down to me or the addition of the olive oil is hard to say?

So far we have had some of the olive bread just with butter but it has been best as a base for mini pizzas.

I’ll definitely be making this one again.

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