Bread diary No.6 – Rye Cider Bread

I seem to be more or less making two batches of bread a week now. A standard loaf for toast and sandwiches in the week and something a bit more adventurous for weekends.

This weekends bread was another recipe from the ‘Dough’ book – Somerset Cider Bread. I was interested in this for two reasons, firstly it contained cider and I wondered what effect this would have on the bread and secondly it called for less yeast and a 6 hour ferment. I again went for a fairly light Rye loaf – 75% white, 25% rye.

Rye Cider Bread
Rye Cider Bread

Unfortunately I didn’t read the recipe correctly and started making the full amount when the ferment was supposed to be with just half the dough. I then decided to forgo the ferment this time and just put in some more yeast.

Working the dough, resting, folding and proving are all becoming fairly second nature now but I’m still having problems making sure that my individual loaves are the same size. I may need to use a scale for this praps?

The finished bread was very nice but the cider/apple flavour turned out to be very subtle and fairly easily disguised once you added butter and another topping. Nothing went wrong but I thought it might have been a slight waste of some quite nice cider. I’d like to try the 6 hour ferment still but I may replace the cider with beer maybe?

One thought on “Bread diary No.6 – Rye Cider Bread

  1. This is one of my favourite breads at the moment and I like the subtlety of the apple flavour. I do recommend you try it with the 4-6 hour ferment in case. Great to read about someone else trying it out. Will check out some more of your blog.

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