Things to do before I die – Update 1

I’ve managed to tick off a couple of things on the list of stuff to do before I die.

Fairly soon after I made the list I was able to complete my first wild solo camping trip. I thought it would be really lonely and a little daunting but I really enjoyed it and would love to do some more solo trips.

Following a trip to France I was then inspired to have a go at making my own bread. Considering that I’d seen this as magic or at least alchemy, the four batches I’ve produced so far have all been great.

War and Peace
War and Peace

I also thought that I’d give a start to reading ‘War and Peace’ as I know it will take a while. So far (up to page 300 of 1440) it has been very readable and I’m quite into it. I did listen to an abridged radio version a few years ago so I have an idea of the overall plot. I’ve ticked it off as I’m fairly confident that now I’ve started that I’ll finish.

I wasn’t able to get in the London to Brighton this year so I can’t quite tick that off. It doesn’t quite count but I did cycle the London to Cambridge last weekend without too much difficulty.

The updated list:

  • Sail across an ocean
  • Write a book or magazine article and get published (nationally)
  • Visit every continent (might not need to do Antarctica)
  • Public display or exhibition of my photography*
  • Solo wild camping trip*
  • Olympic distance triathlon*
  • Get a tattoo*
  • Climb a 5000m+ mountain
  • Watch England play live at Football, Rugby and Cricket and go to Wimbldon
  • Own a bespoke suit
  • Take part in ‘Tough Guy’ race*
  • Go to a Music Festival (Glasto?)
  • Learn to make amazing bread*
  • See an Opera at Glyndebourne
  • Try surfing
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Go skinny dipping
  • Read ‘War and Peace’*
  • Watch every Martin Scorsese film*
  • Learn at least three magic tricks*
  • Be on Radio 4
  • Cycle London to Brighton (and get up Ditchling beacon without stopping)*
  • Go to the Hay Literary Festival
  • Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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