Bread diary No.4 – Mint Loaf

Things have so far gone suspiciously well with my new endeavor into bread making and I didn’t want to muck it up now.

I felt that last week’s Alsace Rye Bread was nice but not something to have in the morning for breakfast. I did consider making brioche but in the end went for a compromise of a ‘milk bread’. I found a recipe for ‘Mint and Orange Loaf’ in a book called ‘Dough‘ which looked like the thing I was after.

Mint loaf, fresh out of the oven!
Mint loaf, fresh out of the oven!

It looked like a fairly standard milk bread but with the milk being pre-infused with fresh mint (of which we have tons from the garden). In the process of making this recipe I actually forgot to add the orange zest so it ended up just ‘mint’ flavoured.

In the end I didn’t really cry over missing out the orange as the mint flavouring was quite gentle and subtle and I think that the orange could have drowned it out. The bread turned out to be delicious and I will definitely be making it again. In a way, however, it was disappointing to break the ‘purity rule’ of just 4¬†ingredients – water, flour, yeast and salt.

Sliced Mint loaf
Sliced Mint loaf

Up to now I have been using dried yeast but quite fancy trying out some fresh to see if it makes much difference. I have also ordered a silicon bowl scoop as this seems to be a very handy tool.


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