Bread diary No.2 – Crusty white yeast bread (again)

My first effort at bread making turned out surprisingly well. So much so in fact that I was a bit worried that it was all a bit of a fluke. I decided therefore to make the same bread as last week – A white yeast bread.

Again, two delicious loaves of bread, it wasn’t just beginners luck! This time though, I felt a bit more organised and got into the rhythm a lot better. I now feel that this crusty white loaf is my benchmark and that I can move on from here and try something less basic. I have also realised that this recipe requires me to be around for a total of 3 hours (although with lots of gaps) which is good to know.

I was interested in working out the economics of self baking, but it is quite difficult to be very precise. 1.5kg of strong white flour (90p) makes almost 4 decent sized loaves of bread which would make 22.5p per loaf. I bought some amazing sea salt in France (a 1.5kg bag for E1.50) and have so far used dry yeast (46p for 125g) which makes these costs fairly negligible. It’s then only the oven cost for 50 minutes on a high heat which I have no idea. Artisan bread at Borough Market costs £3-4 so regardless of how I add up the variables, it makes quite a saving!

Can’t wait to try a new recipe next week!

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