Lullingstone Country Park, Kent

We woke up to a bright, sunny though still cold wintery day and thought – what better than a walk in the country? We didn’t want to travel too far and found Lullingstone Country park, just outside the M25, on the excellent ‘Explore Kent‘ website.

Lullingstone Country Park
Lullingstone Country Park

40 minutes later we pulled into the car park and found a pleasant visitor centre and cafe. Lots of other people had also had the idea of a country walk and there were plenty of walkers and children around.

Lullingstone Country Park
Lullingstone Country Park

We opted for the 4 mile ‘black’ walk that essentially circled the park and also swung by the castle and a local Roman Villa. There were a few ups and downs but nothing too strenuous. I carried my daughter Rose in the baby carrier and she seemed to love sitting up high checking out the scenery.

The centre of the park contains an 18 hole golf course and there were a few times that we had to rush across a fairway hoping we wouldn’t get hit.

Lullingstone woods
Lullingstone woods

The park makes a lot of its ‘veteran trees’ which makes them sound like they’ve been to war or something. There were, to be fair, some old and pretty impressive looking oaks around the park looking quite knotty and gnarly.

Altogether a lovely park and a lovely day out. Looks like there were some mountain biking opportunities too. We plan to go back again soon.

See all the photos from the day.

Lullingstone "Castle"
Lullingstone "Castle"

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