Lanzarote for the non sun-seeker – Part 2

The continued adventures of a non sun-seeker family in Lanzarote. If you haven’t already done so read Part 1.

Teguise Sunday Market
Teguise (not to be confused with ‘Costa Teguise’) is a picturesque white walled town and former capital in the centre of the island. It has a pretty church and a series of small plazas and is worth a visit on any day. It’s apparent real draw, however, is the Sunday market. We were drawn here as my wife was keen to try some local fruit and vegetables but it turns out this is not the sort of market it is. It sells tat or if you like ‘tourist goods’ and is more of a craft fair if you were feeling generous. I’m not massively into homemade jewellery, clothes and carvings much anyway but the fact that most of the goods on display were clearly from other places I thought was at least a bit odd. I couldn’t really identify anything from the island or even the canaries. It was Camden market really.


Castillo de Santa Barbara
Overlooking Teguise is the castle of Santa Barbara situated on the rim of a small extinct volcano. As well as being a well preserved late medieval castle that protected the locals from pirates it also has wonderful views over the island. Well worth going up even if you don’t go in the castle itself (3 euros). As a sort of bonus is a museum of Emigration (to the Americas) which I thought was a little dis-jointed.

Castillo de Santa Barbara
Castillo de Santa Barbara

Playa Blanca from Fermes
Playa Blanca from Fermes

Road trip: Yaiza, Playa Blanca and Fermes
With a one year old with us on the holiday we were a little limited on the walking we could do. A scenic drive, however, was a good compromise. Our guidebook recommended a circular drive around the southern towns of Yaiza, Playa Blanca and Fermes and the views at least did not disappoint. We even stopped at Playa Blanca for a quick play on the beach and coffee. We thought Yaiza seemed the most promising place for a nice Canarian lunch but most of the restaurants looked quite pricey and designed for coach parties which was a shame as it is such a pretty town. This trip is a pleasant half a day.

Walk: Montana Cuervo
The one striking feature on the island is the abundance of volcanoes. You see at least one from almost any point but probably the best place to see them is in the Nacional de Timanfaya (north of Yaiza and west of Tiagua). Here are huge ‘lava seas’ with waves of jagged black rock and the cones of numerous volcanoes.

One of the more popular experiences is the Islote de Hilario which costs 8 euro to get into and seems to be a theme park of volcanic activity plus a visitor centre and cafe (called el diablo!). We avoided this as I couldn’t face the idea of coach parties and we could see plenty of volcanoes on our own. I didn’t much fancy a camel ride either.

The Camel Park
The Camel Park

What we did do was a lovely 4km walk around a smallish, those very cool looking volcano called Montana Cuervo. There are a few parking spaces on the LZ56 (a few hundred metres off the L30) and from there it’s a kilometre on a level path to the volcano and a couple of km round and inside the cone. None of it too exerting. We got there fairly early when the temperature was cool and the light was wonderful. The view around of other volcanoes and the lava sea were pretty good too. A nice walk if your not keen on anything too strenuous but want to stretch your legs for a bit. For more walks in Lanzarote I recommend Walk! Lanzarote which also gives tips on buses and where to eat en route.

Cuervo Montana
Cuervo Montana

See all the pictures from the trip.

For more of our trip see Part 3.


2 thoughts on “Lanzarote for the non sun-seeker – Part 2

  1. How long a hol would you recommend, for exploring all the interesting corners of Lanzarote by road and foot?

    1. Hi Sue

      I think there is a solid week’s worth of places to explore and maybe 10 days if you like trekking of which there is a fair bit. We did a week of exploring and then a week of slouching on the beach which worked out alright for us. The bus network is not bad but a car makes it all a lot easier.

      Have fun.


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