Coffee of the Month – Australian Skyberry

Welcome to the fifth instalment of ‘Coffee of the Month‘ and this time I’m drinking some Australian coffee. Yes, you read it right. Who’d have thought our antipodean friends made coffee? In my continent rotation policy, this is counting as ‘Asia’.

French press
French press

Australian Skyberry
The cupping notes from the roaster I bought it from said that this coffee has many of the properties of Jamaican blue mountain but at a fraction of the cost. I’ll have to take Steve’s word on that as it’s been a long time since I had some blue mountain.

What I can say about the skyberry though is that it is immensely balanced and consistent. I tried this coffee in the aeropress and the french press and it was equally good in both. I suspect that it would work well as an espresso too. It doesn’t seem to be outlandish or funky in any way, but neither is it bland. I really liked it and would be happy to drink this every day.

Brewing habits
Over the last couple of months I’ve been refining my brewing skills and I feel that I’ve got my french press nearly perfect. I generally start the day with a couple of cups. At work we also have french presses, but the coffee is just normal stuff and pre-ground. I find myself wrinkling my nose at this stuff now.

I think I’ve become a coffee snob. Oh dear.


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