Butterfly Jungle

Bored with running in my local neighbourhood I decided to take my marathon training to the west London parks; Hyde park, Green park and St.Jame’s park. It was a nice day so I asked the wife and nipper to come along too for some support and to carry some proper clothes for me to change into.

Butterfly Jungle exhibition
Butterfly Jungle exhibition

I finished my run by the Serpentine lido where my family were hanging out. It was a lovely day to be outdoors, nice sunshine but with a nice cooling breeze. After a picnic lunch we strolled down Exhibition road and stopped by the Natural History Museum. Having previously worked here I’d seen most of the inside. What I was interested in though was the new ‘Butterfly Jungle’ exhibition.

Butterfly Jungle exhibition
Butterfly Jungle exhibition

The exhibition itself sits on the east lawn in front of the museum in a kind of large tent. I have to admit at this point that it was smaller than I’d hoped and expected. We paid our £6 and after an attempt to persuade us to leave the buggy outside we entered.

First off, it’s pretty hot in there. Maybe not quite as hot as a real jungle, but it must have been close. Secondly and this was probably my unreasonable expectations but I’d been hoping for clouds of butterflies and moths. There were quite a few, but you did have to hunt them out a bit and a lot tended to hide in the corners out of reach.

Griping aside, the butterflies were pretty impressive and I was able to get a few decent shots of them. Many of the older children in there seemed quite impressed. The exhibition is split in two, half-way round it makes you go out of the tent to a little playground area (not sure what this had to do with butterflies) and then back in for the second half.

Butterfly Jungle exhibition
Butterfly Jungle exhibition

Despite the warnings to check yourself and be careful we did manage to let a butterfly out. Deborah felt very guilty. Rose (nearly 1) seemed vaguely interested by the whole thing, but probably no more than walking round a normal garden.

Overall, quite interesting but not amazing and I still don’t know why the playground was included, other than to make the entrance fee seem slightly more worth it if you have children of that age.


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