Marathon training #3 – Peak training

Well, that’s my longest training run in the bag. Will it be enough??

The half-marathon I ran in the last report gave me a real wake up call and I have to say I’ve taken things a lot more seriously since then. Each week I’ve manged three runs, two shortish ones and one long one at the weekends. I realise that my total weekly mileage is relatively low and I’m relying more than I should on the long run. My problem is just a real lack of any more time to do any more sessions.

The weekly long run in particular has steadily got longer in both time and distance, increasing by 20-30 minutes each week. This week I did my longest run (that I’ve ever done in my life so far) of 28km (17 miles) which took me about 2 hours 45 minutes. I’m relatively happy with my pace, it just remains to be seen whether I manage another 14 km on the day. I’m really hoping that my tapering and final rest week will be the difference in the extra energy that I’ll need.

On this run I carried a home made isotonic drink and had an energy gel about half way round, both of which I was very grateful for. If I’m honest I felt tired almost from the beginning and by 13km my legs felt spent but something in me just let me plod on. I didn’t try but I felt I had just the one steady pace that I could neither go faster or slower than. Weird, but that’s how it felt.

Considering that I was feeling very despondant last week on my chances of finishing, I feel a lot better about it now. Even with tapering I still have some long and potentially tough runs still to do, but hopefully I’m through the worst of it.

I put this time through a pace estimator and it tells me that I’m on for a finish time of 4 hours 13 minutes. If I got anywhere near that I’d be very happy.

Bring on Edinburgh!

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