Kessingland and Southwold

I’ve been lucky enough to have a relative who not only lives in a lovely and picturesque part of the country but whom is very happy for us to stay when they are away. This is really fortunate.

The beach south of Kessingland
The beach south of Kessingland


Fishing near Kessingland
Fishing near Kessingland

About 5km south of Lowestoft is the village of Kessingland. Notably less twee and touristy than Southwold it none the less sits on a wonderful bit of coast with stunning beaches that go on seemingly forever. Facing east, the sun rises over the North Sea, something worth getting up early for.

The chief attraction of this bit of England are the fabulous beaches which are largely pebbles from Lowestoft to just south of Kessingland and then it is sand. The walk from Kessingland to Southwold is something well worth the effort, particularly as you can end it with a cream tea.

At various times on this walk the beach backs onto grassy sand dunes, crumbling cliffs and tidal pools that attract many water fowl and are great for bird watchers.

Dead tree
Dead tree

The sea is inexorably eating into the land, something that is made starkly obvious by the dead trees and in one place a building being devoured slowly by the waves.

Posh, twee and scenic Southwold is a beautiful little place with a genuine old world feel to it. It is famous for its beach huts, lighthouse and wonderful Georgian buildings. It is also very obviously home to Adnams beer who make the most of this imagery in their marketing.

The town boasts a fine pier next to which there is a resident punch and judy booth (you don’t see these much anymore).

Southwold is worth a visit if you want an historic and scenic town with a nice beach and an old world feel.

Beach huts at Southwold
Beach huts at Southwold

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