The Tower Bridge Exhibition

It was a ‘daddy and daughter’ day and my wife seemed keen that we didn’t hang around the house so I thought we’d go up to town for some adventure. Since I found that I could get in free, I’d been meaning to go up Tower Bridge and see what the view might be like.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

The weather was one of those odd times when it is either bright sunshine or dark doom laden clouds. It was this changeable mix that made me opt for black and white for the day.

Shad Thames
Shad Thames

We started off from London Bridge station walking down the Thames path. This takes you past the Hays centre (A trendy mall of former warehouses), HMS Belfast and City Hall with the backdrop of the City across the river. As it was coming up to lunchtime we went past Tower Bridge itself and discovered the amazing street that is Shad Thames. It is flanked by tall warehouses (now trendy flats) and criss-crossed by walkways. Very noir, I loved it.

Tower Bridge Exhibition
After lunch we made our way to the exhibition which starts in one of the Towers. A lift takes you up the 4th floor, level with the walkways and it starts you off with a film on the making and history of the bridge.

You then get to walk along both the east and west walkways with the amazing views both up and down river. Particularly up river the views of many top London landmarks such as the Gherkin, London Bridge, HMS Belfast are pretty ace. Down river there is canary Wharf on the horizon.

The view down river
The view down river

Whether it’s worth the £6 entrance fee I’m not sure, but I certainly enjoyed it and the views are excellent.

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