Turkish shave

Feeling tired? Need a lift? Have a Turkish shave before work!

efe barbers
'efe' barbers

I’d not shaved for several days, I’d not really slept very well either and I was feeling a bit weary. I’d been walking by the Turkish ‘efe’ barbers in Ted Bakers on Poultry for the last year on my way to work, but this morning I thought I’d give it a go.

I was sat down, the seat was reclined and I entered the world of ‘male pampering’ (grooming for the more macho). A little moisturiser was rubbed into my face and then a hot towel was wrapped round my head like a warm, damp embrace. There is only a hole for your nose, but I like that I could just lie back and relax for a few minutes whilst my face hairs softened in the heat.

The towel came off and while I was being lathered with shaving foam I was asked if I wanted a turkish coffee. ‘This is very civilised’ I thought. Once fully foamy faced a new blade was attached to the ‘cut-throat’ razor and the shave began. It sounds like it should be a bit worrying having a razor to your throat but it was fine and the barber was confident and assured. All good so far.

Following the shave I had a quick sip of my coffee and then it was more hot towels, at least one of them smelling of menthol. Whilst the towel was still wrapped round my head, my arms and shoulders were enthusiastically massaged by a couple of the barbers, even clicking the bones in my fingers.

To finish things off there was a (marginally scary) flame wafted round my face to singe any hairs still left, my eyebrows and nose hair was trimmed and finally some more moisteriser was generously applied. I was so relaxed I could easily have had a nap. What I did do though was casually finish my excellent coffee and watch the world outside slip by for five minutes.

Definitely one of the better £9.50s that I’ve ever spent. Highly recommended!

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