Le Relais de Venise, City of London


I was initially attracted by the sheer simplicity of the concept – there is no menu, they only serve one dish. That dish is a green salad followed by steak and chips. The only choices are how you want your steak cooked and what drink to have.

Le Relais de Venise is decorated in what looks a fairly typical french bistro style that fits nicely with the Parisian feel to the whole thing. Service was polite and prompt from the french maid outfitted waitresses.

So how was the food? In an establishment that only does one thing, I had fairly high expectations that that one thing would be cooked very well. I was not disappointed.

The green salad starter was ok, although I felt the mustard dressing was a little over powering for my own tastes. The main course comes in two parts, they serve you half the steak and some thin fries while keeping a second portion warm for you.

It’s worth mentioning that the steak comes with a ‘secret’ sauce that works well with the steak, but even more so with the fries. My dinner partner likes their steak cooked ‘blue’, but has almost always complained that no one truly cooks a proper ‘blue’ steak. At least here that complaint was not raised. My own ‘rare’ steak was cooked exactly as I like it. maybe this is what comes out of doing one thing, but doing it well?

The thin, but crispy fries were also very nice and a great addition to the meal and they certainly come in fairly generous proportions.

After the mains we were finally presented with a menu as there does appear to be a choice of desserts. I just couldn’t resist some profiteroles, an old favourite of mine. Another generous portion, this time of five golf ball sized, cream filled choux covered in chocolate and if truth be told I was grateful for some help as this was probably too much for me to eat on my own.

I still have a slight nagging thought that £19 was slightly too much for steak and chips but then again it was cooked to perfection and I can’t really think of any complaints with the meal at all.

Very enjoyable, I would go again.

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