The Sydenham Project – Part 1 – Inclement weather

Crystal Palace Park in snow
Crystal Palace Park in snow

One of my over-arching projects for this year (2009) is to document and photograph the area that I live in – Sydenham, south London.

I’m a north Londoner by birth and instinct and i’d normally consider myself like a black cab – I don’t do sarf of the river. I eventually came to live in deepest south London for the noblest of reasons, for love.

I moved in with my girlfriend (now wife) over five years ago and have ever so slowly got to tolerate, then actually to like Sydenham. I have to have access to a bit of green and the proximity to Crystal Palace and Wells Park is pretty nice. Wells Park particularly is a bit of a gem. Other than the parks there is Dulwich woods and some lovely Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings. I’m slightly gutted we don’t still have the actual Crystal Palace around.

Sydenham Station in fog
Sydenham Station in fog

Surrounding the diamonds is quite a bit of rough including several ugly council estates, including the close that we live on which is a fairly bland 1950s terrace. In their own way, even this urban grunge has some character.

There have been some interesting weather conditions at the beginning of this year, notably some fog and severe (for London) snow that have made for good photographic opportunities.

Have a look at some more pictures of interesting weather in Sydenham.

In future parts of this series I’d like to cover architecture, people, businesses, transport and recreation. See the photos as they go on over the year.

Wells Park in snow
Well's Park in snow

One thought on “The Sydenham Project – Part 1 – Inclement weather

  1. I came across your Sydenham photos on flickr and I have to say I agree with all your words here – I wasn’t born in London, but I had lived more than 15 years North of the River – when I moved South a couple of years ago I felt just the way you did – but like yourself, i’m also starting to enjoy and explore the area more … keep up the good work!

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