Triathlon – Swim Training #3

Ready for a swim
Ready for a swim

Following many weeks when for one reason or another I’ve been busy, I finally got to attend a swim training session. The triathlon club I’m in run three swim sessions a week, the Friday one supposed to be about technique and best for novice and intermediate level swimmers. I therefore thought this was the session for me.

I was a bit nervous about going as I’ve not had any swim coaching since school and even then I only got as high as ‘bronze swimming certificate’. I’ve been looking at other swimmers and videos on-line but I’ve been really keen to have someone watch and improve my own skills.

Once in the pool we were given a talk through of the days drills by the coach. This led me to my first problem which was not understanding half of the terms he used. ‘fist stroke’ and ‘single arm stroke’ I could kind of guess at but I had no idea what ‘catch-up stroke’ was supposed to be. We were then told a complicated series of combinations such as six foot kicks and then five normal strokes, then another combo on the next length etc etc. I was quickly bewildered about what I was supposed to do, but gave it my best shot.

I did get some useful instruction on my breathing and stroke. Apparently, I bring my head far too far out of the water and my arm is too straight on the ‘catch’ where it should be bent. I found it really hard to try and correct both of these as well as perform the drills all at once and I think I was all over the place. Still, it was good to have things to work on.

We finished the session after about 40 minutes with a little medley race where I at least didn’t embarrass myself and was on the winning team.

I did feel a little bit that I was thrown in at the deep end (pun intended) in that no-one spoke to me beforehand about my training needs, what the session was about or even ‘welcome to the club’.

I did get some positive things from this session and I certainly got a good workout, but it still wasn’t quite all I’d hoped for when joining a club.


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