Santa Run 2008

Following a last minute email from the triathlon club news group I thought ‘why not’. Why wouldn’t I want to dress up as Santa and run 5km round Greenwich park.

On the sunday morning, the beautiful winter sun was streaming through the window and I felt in the right mood for a race. Of course this wasn’t meant to be very serious, but I was still intrigued to see what my 5km time might be, particularly as I’d never run this distance in a race before.

Jason as santa
Jason as santa

It’s one of the more surreal experiences of my life to be one of almost a thousand ‘santas’ taking part in this race. The costume, which wasn’t of very high quality, was at least light and as the day was very cold I was almost grateful for it hanging round before the race.

Most people there seemed to be ‘charity runners’ as in people who don’t normally do any running, but would give it a go for their favourite charity. This plus there being no official time meant that hardly any serious runners turned up at all. Seeing this I tried to get near the front at the start as I could.

We were off and very quickly and without even doing much of a pace I found myself in the first 20 people or so. This continued round the whole of the course. Greenwich park was really very pretty on this slightly frosty, blue skied morning and it was a very pleasant view going round.

In a not particularly fast 28 minutes I crossed the finishing line and picked up my ‘goody bag’. No medal on offer here. We do get to keep the Santa suits though!

Thanks to my supporters Deborah and Rose!

The ‘fun’ was definitely in this ‘run’. Very enjoyable.


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