Triathlon – Injury

Since at least January 2008 I’ve intermittently had chest pains.


The pain is exactly in the centre of my chest and occurs when I move in certain positions e.g. arms across my chest. It’s even worse when I’m in bed trying to sleep. In every other respect I’ve felt completely fit and healthy and have felt fairly confident that it’s not a heart condition.

I’ve been to see my GP on a couple of occasions but by the time I’ve got an appointment the symptoms have mostly gone and I’ve found it difficult to describe. The last appointment, however, my chest was still really sore and the Doctor was able to at least see that I wasn’t faking it. The early diagnosis is that it is some kind of musculo-skeletal strain as I’ve just had an ECG and my heart is fine (plus a resting heart rate of 55).

Using the dubious power of the internet my wife found a site almost completely describing my condition citing the problem as a sports injury, usually swimming. If this is true, this is a bit of a blow as it makes me worried that i’ll simply be told to stop excersising or at least swimming.

I’ll be returning to the GP as soon as possible with my ‘healthy’ ECG result and see what he says.

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