Project 366 – the final quarter

Apple keyboard
Apple keyboard

Since the 1st January 2008 I’ve been taking and publishing on flickr at least one picture a day.

So far, against all odds, I’ve not missed a day. I’m part of a group on flickr that all started at the beginning of the year and gradually and for various reasons, many people have dropped out. Often it was that people ran out of inspiration, but more often recently it has been because people have missed one or more days and are so annoyed with themselves that they give up.

Whilst I’ve been fairly diligent in getting the daily shot, I am getting quite weary of the project. I’ve been taking pictures of ‘anything’ just to get the daily picture and I now feel that I’ve missed the chance to be more creative and interesting. I think now, that I should have had one or more things that I should have set out to photograph – projects within the project.

The city in the rain
The city in the rain

One I thought of recently would be to take a picture of every meal, every day for a year. Slightly mundane on it’s own, it would be interesting to have a record of your dinner every day. I just re-read this and it seems quite a dweeby idea.

I have three months to go and unless I have equipment failure or a major illness I think I’ll complete the project. I’ve not been looking forward to it for a while though and in many ways it’s stifling other, smaller projects that i’d like to do. In a way I feel it’s draining my creativity from what could be more interesting things. Or is it I’ve just lost interest?

I’ve also been mulling over many of the things that I’ve learnt and I’ve built up a number of thoughts and maybe advice on doing a project like this. I may save this for a separate post.


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