The Quay, Ilfracombe

It was the wife’s birthday, we were on holiday in Ilfracombe and we wanted to go to the best place in town. This, we were told was the Quay restaurant, owned by and displaying much art by Damien Hirst. There were big highs and a couple of small lows but overall a good time was had.

Decor and ambiance
We decided to go for lunch as this seemed an easier time to take our four month old daughter and were after something a little less formal. We were sat in what anywhere else would just look like a posh bar, in this case with a number of artworks and wallpaper by Mr Hirst. If your a fan of his then this is a bit of a treat. I’m a bit skeptical of any ‘genius’, but I do think some of his work is interesting.


Lobster salad
Lobster salad

I had a wild mushroom risotto to start, followed by a lobster salad with chips. The risotto was really excellent, though a tiny bit too salty for me if I were being picky. Not much actual salad with main course, but I thoroughly enjoyed the lobster and the accompanying chips were top notch.

Deborah had a nice looking bit of halibut which apparently was really nice, though I heard some grumbles such as ‘a bit stingy with the veg’. For pudding Deborah had the ‘banana tarte tatin’ which was absolutely wonderful.


Banana tarte tartin
Banana tarte tartin

Along with the casual decor, the service was also fairly informal, though friendly. There’s nothing wrong with this I guess, but considering the prices were o a par with a set lunch at Tom Aikens or Petrus I did kind of feel I wasn’t getting top dollar.

Had a really enjoyable and tasty lunch, though not sure it was the best value for money. Also on the plus side, my daughter Rose slept blissfully through the whole thing, bless her.

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