Simpsons Tavern

Simpsons Tavern
Simpsons Tavern

Some experiences are just a little surreal, but today’s trip to Simpsons Tavern in the city of London felt very bizarre indeed.

It was my assistant’s last day today and she suggested a cool place to go for a memorable lunch. ‘It’s a really odd but cool place’ she promised. Finding it is a bit of a trick as it’s down an odd little passage off of Cornhill. It felt a little bit like entering another time as the place looks like an edwardian chop house, all wood panelling and brass.

It’s really crowed and we get sat on a bench for six with some real traditional looking city types. The waitress looks like a dinner lady and is at least sixty if she’s a day. She’s pretty curt and looks like she doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

The food here is that of the traditional chophouse – chops (obviously), gammon, steak and kidney pies, mixed grills. I went for a beef and ale pie and my assistant had the roast beef with yorkshire pudding and both were excellent.

Thats a big bit of cheese
That's a big bit of cheese

I went traditional for afters – spotted dick – but my lunch partner went for the stilton. I was expecting a plate with crackers and a wedge of cheese, but no. To my surprise a whole round of stilton turnd up with a spoon and a huge basket of biscuits. It’s essentially an ‘all you can eat’ cheese with only your own greed and stomach being the limiters.

This was an ace exprerience and definitely somewhere i’d go back to. If you have someone in from out of town or another country, take them here and give them a taste of the old London!


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