Triathlon – rookie errors

Still feeling a bit disappointed at not finishing my first triathlon (South Coast Tri) last week. It’s not helped by the fact that it’s the end of the season and I won’t get a chance to do another one till next year now.

After my disappointing swim, I hit the swimming pool a couple of times this week. Whilst I’ve made some nice gains in the last few months I’m increasingly thinking I was a bit hopeful on my level of fitness here. I’ve decided to join up with a triathlon club and get some coaching over the winter. I should also be able to do some open water training with them too which will be crucial.

Puncture repair
Puncture repair

I should be almost more upset about the double puncture I got on the cycle as it turns out the bit of glass that caused the first one was still in the tyre and probably caused the second one.

This is a bit of a rookie error as it’s the first thing that you should look for after you get a puncture.

Another lesson learned here.


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