Triathlon – pre-race preparation

Thought i’d give my pre-race observations, it might be interesting to compare with the race report.

I started training in earnest at the start of July having only done a bit of running and the occasional swim beforehand. Overall things have gone really well, i’ve managed to make progress every week either further or faster.

The swim still worries me as I can still only front crawl around 60-70% of the time and I’ll have to do a certain amount of breast-stroke on the day.

My friend Andy lent me a pair of tri-bars, telling me to have a practice as they can be a bit odd at first. I’ve…erm…completely failed to do any practice and here I am using them for the first time in the race.

All the advice also seems to be practice swimming in your wetsuit, in the sea. Again, i’ve kind of failed to do this either, though with this I at least planned to, I was simply thwarted either by Royal Mail or the weather. We’ll see whether this comes back to haunt me or not.

I really underestimated the amount of stuff that i’d have to buy to do a triathlon. I already owned a racing bike, have running shoes and swimming stuff. I guess I assumed that a wetsuit would be optional this time of year and it turned out to be mandatory. Also I’ve had to get various sundries for the bike, alltogether it’s really added up and this was without luxuries such as heart rate monitors etc.

Anyone thinking of doing triathlon – be prepared for an outlay!

When I started training I would have been fairly hesitant thinking about even finishing. Things have gone pretty well since then and in recent weeks I’ve even started the very dangerous thinking of doing ‘a time’. I should probably whisper this, but I think that if things go well and the transitions aren’t too long then three hours or less might be possible.

Feeling excited, hope the weather isn’t too hot and hoping we get there in time, so that I’m not forced to rush!


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