Triathlon – brick training #4

This was my last big session before the race next Sunday so I was keen that this went well.

238 - gears

Again I was in Dulwich park so that I could train on a flat course and not have to stop. This time there seemed to be far less people in the park, particularly families which helped me and the lack of a puncture this week was also welcome.

I managed a quicker bike time of 1:29 and a fairly comparable run of around 00:43. Crucially I felt a lot better afterwards and not like I was going to die. I feel better than ever about finishing next week though I’m still worried about the swim – I never did have a try-out in the sea.

Today I’m stripping all the unnecessary bits off the bike to make it race ready and next I’ll be getting all my gear together for the big day.


2 thoughts on “Triathlon – brick training #4

  1. Good work on all the training you’ve done to date. The ‘brick’ work will really pay off on the day – I find that when I start the run I have to reign myself in as I always head off to quickly.

    Have a good swim/bike/run and I look forward to reading about the outcome.

    PS. Cracking photo, and well done on getting featured on Londonist.

  2. Hi David

    Thanks for the encouragement, it’s appreciated.

    I’ve had great support so far, just hope I can deliver on the day.



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