Triathlon – brick training #3

The tiredest I’ve felt for a very long time.

Triathlon no.3 - Run

As the big day approaches i’m trying to train as close to the race conditions as possible. The training I usually do involves lots of hills whereas the race will be completely on the flat. My solution was to go to Dulwich park early on a saturday morning and train there.

I started my ride around the 1.25km circuit and was going well up until the 6km mark when I got my first (ever) puncture. In a way, this was a relief as it gave me a chance to practice changing a tyre and i’ll now be less worried and hopefully quicker if I get one in a race.

I carried on and after 1hour 35minutes of a fairly boring ride, finally finished my 40km. I’d pushed things pretty hard, but still think I can put in a better average than 25.1kmph.

Tried to do a quick transition, but I think I took ages to get into my trainers and grab my iPod. I hadn’t set myself a target for the run, but I was finding it ok and finally managed just over 7km. I felt pretty done for by the end, but I know I could have carried on to 10km if I had to.

I feel things are coming together now and feel more confident than ever of finishing. The problem I’ve got now is that I’ve started thinking that I’d like to do a sub three hour time.

Perhaps I should walk before I could run.


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