Battersea Power Station Open Day 2008

Last chance, before everything must go! This was a final public opportunity to see Battersea Power Station close up in it’s present, derelict state.

201 - battersea power station

On the 12th and 19th July 2008 the public got free entry to the Battersea Power Station site and the opportunity to see this amazing and iconic building up close and personal. I went along on the 19th with my wife, little daughter and my cousin Matt.

Slightly disappointingly, we weren’t allowed access inside the building itself, but it was still really nice to get as close as we did. There were some nice clouds to add a bit of drama to the pictures.

Interior of the power station
Interior of the power station

This was clearly THE photographic event of the weekend as i’ve never seen so many top-end cameras and lenses in one place.

That it was all a bit of (clever?) PR by the company developing the site was forgivable, by me at least. Not sure I approve of their plans particularly, but the site needs something to it I guess.

A cool day, glad I went.


2 thoughts on “Battersea Power Station Open Day 2008

  1. hello,

    I am really interest to visit the battersea station, but I can’t find the open days!
    Was it just at the begining of july, or it’s going to be open other days?

    thank you very much


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